Toblerone: A smooth sensation with Hazelnut liquer,Kahlua and Baileys combined with milk to deliver a cream dream. Fantastic! You Supply: 700ml -Vodka 1 x 700ml - Frangelico 7 litres milk

Strawberry Margarita: This cocktail has delicious fruity taste and is the perfect balance of sweet and sour. This cocktail is ideal for a romantic summer evening. You Supply: 2 x Tequila 700ml


Spoil yourself, Rich, smooth and creamy, just like frozen Baileys in a glass. You Supply:1 x 700ml Kahula & 1 X 700ml Vodka

Mango Daiquiri:You will be lost in a tropical jungle when the fresh taste of Mango and Rum touches your lips! You Supply: 2 x 700ml - Bacardi Rum


This Cuban classic brings together the refreshing taste of Lime, Mint and White Rum. You Supply: 2 x 700ml - Bacardi Rum


This is a favourite. Just choose your Whiskey or Bourbon and add to our cola base! You Supply: 2 x 700ml Whiskey

Caribbean Crush: can get you into a serious coconut and pineapple mood.Add a little pineapple for a garnish and you have a drink that recalls the warm breezes of the Caribbean islands.You Supply: 2 x Bacardi Rum 700ml

Jungle Juice: Is NOT for beginners,its fruity and tasty but will definitely have you waking up to the ugly girl/guy you thought was really hot last night.

You Supply:2x Vodka 700ml

For Hire :

Chocolate FOUNTAIN $250

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