Pina Colada Pineapple juice and coconut cream with Jamaican rum! Cool Running's You Supply:

2 x 700 ml - Bacardi

Rum Milk - 600m

Melon Mist (Illusion)

Mouth watering Melon Liquer and Pineapple juice combine to make this favourite!

You Supply:     2 x 700ml - Vodka

Strawberry Daiquiri

Watch the sun go down with this delightful blend of lemon, strawberry's. Rum, & triple sec! You Supply: 2 x 700ml Bacardi Rum

Lemon Margarita Take some lip smacking lemon juice with some tangy lime and Tequila to give you the taste of old Mexico!

You Supply: 1 x 700ml - Vodka
1 x 700ml - Tequila

Blue Hawaii A tropical combo of pineapple, banana and orange with a dash of blue Curacao! Aloha!!

You Supply: 2 x 700ml - Vodka


Raspberry juice, Blue Curacao, banana and lemon for a tongue tingling sensation.What a lifesaver!

You Supply: 2 x 700ml - Vodka

Menu 1

Cosmopolitan. A combination of peach, cranberry juice and Kirsch liquer makes this drink a favourite party starter!.

You Supply: 2 x 700ml - Vodka

Sex On The Beach

Peach, Lime and Triple Sec get together to create this special treat!

You Supply: 2 x 700ml - Vodka


This combination of Lime,Passion fruit and orange juice will simply blow you away.

You Supply: 2 x 700ml Barcardi Rum

Head Rush

Strawberry and Orange blended with Peach with a touch of Rum, Gin, Whiskey and Tequila!

You Supply:2 x 700ml - Vodka


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